Launching sub-analysis

You can further analyse a finished analysis by:

  • Filtering by gene list
  • Applying an algorithmic filter

Gene list analysis

Filter the results of a finished analysis to show only those variants falling within (including 500 base pairs up and downstream) the genes given.

  • Analysis: choose the analysis to be filtered.
  • Gene List: choose a gene list to filter by
  • Phenotypes: choose a list of phenotypes. A gene list will be built using the genes associated with the chosen phenotypes. When filtering by phenotype, you can also choose to filter by genes associated with all the phenotypes or with any of them.

Algorithmic filters

You can apply sophisticated filters to finished analyses. To find the algorithmic filters click on Launch analysis in the main menu, then click on “Algorithmic filter analysis”:

  • New filters are added frequently. To learn what each filter does, please click on the info icon.
  • To start an algorithmic filter, choose the target analysis, select click an algorithmic filter, and then on click on Start analysis.

CNV/SV analysis

Please, visit CNV/SV analysis to find out how to run a CNV analysis from FASTQ or VCF.