Analyses' tabs

We have implemented a new feature that enables seamless navigation and analysis switching within the same sample. We are introducing analyses' tabs, which makes it effortless to explore and transition between various analyses.

If multiple analyses have been performed using the same sample, they will be organized as tabs adjacent to the current analysis's title, with the first tab being the main analysis.

When there are more than three analyses, a total of four tabs will be displayed. These include the main analysis, the two most recent subanalyses, and a tab indicating the remaining number of subanalyses.

To view and access all the subanalyses associated with the main analysis, users can click on the arrow located to the left of the analysis title or on the last tab with the title “+ n more”, where n is equal to the remaining number of subanalyses (for example ). This action will reveal the analysis tree, presenting all the analyses in chronological order.