10. How are my storage fees calculated?

Storage fees are calculated at the end of each calendar month, based on the volume of
data stored in VarSome Clinical for your organization. They reflect the storage costs of
Saphetor’s data centers or cloud providers. There is no storage fee for on-premises

If a new sample has been uploaded during a given month, the storage fees for that
month will be prorated based on the day of the upload.

In order to check the volume of data that will be charged, each Account Administrator
can visit sso.varsome.com (using his/her institutional user email address) and click on the Billing menu: 


This window contains the monthly storage reports, in pdf and xls format, as well as
the most recent billing entries, invoices history and account statements. The account
administrator can then either filter on specific files or choose from the full list of reports.

Storage fees can be reduced using our various storage management options