Why is the variant annotation different on VarSome and VarSome Clinical?

A visible discrepancy between the two platforms may be encountered since VarSome is updated prior to VarSome Clinical.

There are two reasons why a variant may have a different pathogenicity annotation on VarSome Clinical and VarSome: updates in the databases utilized to infer the pathogenicity and improvements in VarSome's Germline Variant Classification.

When a discrepancy in the Germline Variant Classification of the same variant between VarSome and VarSome Clinical is observed, the explanation lies in the asynchronous implementation of the changes mentioned above in the two platforms.  We are constantly working to improve our Germline Variant Classifier, and any improvements will be introduced first at VarSome and subsequently applied to VarSome Clinical. This approach is consistent with the fact that VarSome Clinical is a clinical device and any newly-introduced updates should be carefully integrated after they have been tested extensively. Releasing them on VarSome is the final step of this testing and once we can be certain that they do indeed work as intended, they will be added to VarSome Clinical as well.