Variant Selection

Variant reporting works on a sample level, i.e. you can report multiple variants belonging to the same sample, but you can't report one variant from the sample A and another one from the sample B within the same report.

In the variant table page, you can either select one variant at a time just by clicking on it or you can select multiple variants at once (mass selection) by holding Ctrl and clicking on each variant you wish to include to your list  and then click on the “Select for export” option. On the left, click on the “Report generation” to see the list of the variants selected for export, and then either choose or .

Selecting   will export the variants in an .xlsx file as shown below:

Selecting  direct you to the following screen:

The form we provide as a template to create your report is completely customizable, where all section tables can be edited according to the user's needs . The final report layout you choose to generate will be saved for future use.

The report template consists of table sections, where all fields can be changed, along with the colors of both text and background and even the logo can be replaced with the logo of your organization.

In each section table, there is the option of changing the background color of a cell by right-clicking on it and then going to Cell >> Cell properties as shown below:

In the Cell properties menu you can choose to change the background color among other available styling options:

What is more, by clicking on the icon, a Report widgets menu will be shown, with the following options: