Variant Selection

Variant reporting works on a sample level, i.e. you can report multiple variants belonging to the same sample, but you can't report one variant from the sample A and another one from the sample B within the same report.

In the variant table page, you can either select one variant at a time just by clicking on it or you can select multiple variants at once (mass selection) by holding Ctrl and clicking on each variant you wish to include to your list.

1. Click to select the specific variants to be exported

and then click on the “Select for export” option.

2. Click on "Select for export" option

 On the left, click on the arrow icon image1 to see the list of selected variants to be exported.

3. Export variants

  • Click on "Export variant list" to generate an Excel file with the selected variants.
  • Click on "Report generation" to create a clinical report.