Two Factor Authentication

Two-Factor Authentication required enrollment

In order to enhance account security and protect data, we have introduced the two-factor authentication (2FA) model to log in to VarSome, VarSome Clinical and VarSome Premium. This new feature has been released with the 11.8 version.  

The user will sign in to VarSome and enable the 2FA at first log in.
Users will be able to enable the 2FA following three options: via SMS, via authenticator app or by generating backup codes. Users will also have the option to “be remembered” on their browser for 30 days after their initial successful login.

By selecting the 2FA via SMS, the user will receive a code via SMS. Entering the code will allow the user to access the platform.
An error message will be shown in case of using a phone number that is temporary through a service that offers temp phone numbers:

This mobile phone number does not pass our system's security checks. Please use another number

The 2FA via the authenticator app is allowed by scanning the QR code or by manually entering to your authenticator app the code available in the Two- Factor Authentication page. The user will need to enter the code generated by the app to access the platform. 


The 2FA via backup codes will generate 3 backup codes that the user can use to enter the platform. Those backup codes can be used only once and are meant for situations where the primary device (sms or application) is not available.


After an initial set up of a first device (phone), the user can add more 2FA devices. This can be performed through the account security screen on sso.

In the initial opt in only the phone device setup, will be available.