How does VarSome's throttling work?

As VarSome usage has been expanding dramatically, we have had to limit the number of queries per user per hour and per day ("throttling") to ensure we can provide fair and consistent service to all users of the platform.

The following time limits will be applied with respect to queries:

  • For registered/unregistered users: the lower of 30 queries per 60-minute period or 100 queries per 24-hour period, whichever is reached first; and
  • For subscribers to VarSome Premium: 120 queries per 60-minute period.

All users may use the platforms from a single device at any one time. Access may be denied for a time period where users switch devices excessively.

Please note that a query also refers to any user action that results in visiting a VarSome page. So, for instance, if you have searched for one variant and then, on that variant's page, you click a link that takes you to another variant, or to a gene or transcript page, then that will count as two queries even though you only made one search. So, every VarSome page visited counts as a query.

The hourly limit could be described with the following example: Assume you make your first query at 10:30 and then do 25 queries by 11:00, that means that you have reached your hourly limit in half an hour. Thus,  you will be able to do your next search at 11:30. Similarly, for the daily limit, if you have completed your allowed searches within less than 24 hours from the initial query, you will need to wait for the remaining hours that complete a 24-hour period to be able to do a new query again.

You can visit your query history page to view the searches made on a daily basis.


For VarSome Premium users there is a limit of 120 queries per hour.

VarSome Premium is a subscription service allowing you to access additional 3rd party annotation data resources and features without any delays. Free analyses with VarSome Clinical are also included up to the value of your subscription each month.