Sample cross-referencing

VarSome Clinical comes with powerful sample cross-referencing, which links all your samples together on the variant level. It can be found in each sample's    tab

and it reports two things:

  1. the number of samples of all VarSome Clinical users in which a specific variant has been found and
  2. in which other samples of you or your group this variant is present.

This information is updated daily. The number of homozygotes and heterozygotes in VarSome Clinical for the variants are shown, but only sample IDs of samples analyzed by you and your group are reported. 



Did you know?

Sample cross-referencing enables you to compare your past and current cases, compare patient's phenotypes and ultimately increase the diagnostic yield.

Moreover,  VarSome Clinical allows you to share your data with other institutions if both parties consent in writing.


Variants with a gnomAD frequency greater than 5% are not considered for sample cross-referencing. This was done in order to reduce the loading time of the results.