How to use Publications Timeline visualization

This interactive viewer allows you to quickly see the number of publications by year, broken down by gene, disease, variants etc. with the ability to then further drill-down and identify specific publications related to the topic you are researching.It is possible to drill-down into sub-categories of terms, for example to see what diseases are associated with a particular gene:

To use the publications Tag Timeline. Click on the link on the top left hand side of the Publications section.

This opens the Publications Timeline feature. 

On the top bar there are a number of tools you can use to amend the data presentation of the viewer. 

The viewer defaults to showing All tags. It is possible to select only required tag categories by selecting the relevant tag radio buttons. 

You can also select to show tags individually. In this way you can clearly visualize the number of publications associated with each tag. 

Hovering over a bubble tells you how many publications are linked 

Clicking on a “bubble” will then display the list of associated publications.

You can use the “color code by tag type” in the following way:

In the initial setting the “bubbles” reflect the same color as the tags in the publications component. For example a green Disease tag in a publication will be represented by a green disease “bubble” and it is clear which disease is mentioned most often.

You can also switch to using a color scale

In this case the color of the “bubbles” represents a scale of the number of publications that mention a tag overall and is depicted at the bottom of the screen. 

The size of the “bubbles” represents the number of publications mentioning a certain tag per year. So the larger the bubble the more publications there are in a given year mentioning the specific tag. 

This enables you to see at a glance the years where there were more or less publications tagged with specific diseases. For example lung cancer was tagged less in 2022.