How can I inspect my analysis results on more than one monitors?

In VarSome Clinical you can spread your analysis results over to two monitors so that you will be able to see more data at one time. 

Clicking on the icon will split out the variant detail data into a separate window which you can reposition on a second monitor. 

A pop-up box will inform you of the functionality and by clicking on the "Open New" button, you will see a new window and the result data will be split between the two windows:


Note: Only one new window can be open simultaneously with the main analysis tab. If you are inspecting more than one analysis in different tabs of your browser, the "dual-monitor" window will sync with the tab of the analysis that is active each time.


You can close an existing pop-up window either by hitting the "Close Linked" button in the main screen, or by just hitting "X" on the window. Also, you can click on the "Create New" button to refresh the existing window with the synced data from the variant/ analysis you are inspecting.