Hébergeur de Données de Santé (HDS)

HDS is a certificate issued by French authorities allowing service providers to host patient health data.

The French Public Health Code (Article L.1111-8) requires that service providers which host certain types of personal health information (PHI) receive HDS (Hébergeur de Données de Santé) certification. Introduced by the French governmental agency for health, ASIP Santé (Agence Française de la Santé Numérique), HDS provides a framework to strengthen the security and protection of PHI.

For the French territory, VarSome Clinical is available on HDS-compliant Google Cloud, physically located in Frankfurt.

Google Cloud is now listed on the ASIP’s website as an HDS-certified host, meaning that companies that work with and in the French healthcare industry and that comply with France's General Security Policy for Health Information Systems (PGSSI-S) can confidently exchange, store data, and run workloads pertaining to French PHI on Google Cloud Platform and G Suite.

Below you may find the list of sites HDS approved by the French government:

Google Cloud's HDS Certification: