Clear VarSome Cookies from the browser

This article explains how to clear the VarSome cookies from Google Chrome.

The procedure for Firefox is the same as described below. For Microsoft Edge, please see here and for Safari, please see here

Why can't I see the variant table or log into VarSome Clinical?

Sometimes there is a need to clear the cookies and the cache from the browser in order to visualize the variant table.

Google Chrome

On the VarSome Clinical web page, there is a lock icon on the left of the URL. Clicking on it displays a drop-down menu. After clicking on Cookies, a new window will be displayed.

It is possible to select which cookies to remove from and/or from VarSome Clinical.
We recommend removing both, and then click done.

Once finished, there is the need to refresh the page which was not possible to visualize the data properly.