Audit Trail

The Audit Trail is available to the group supervisor. 

If your group does not have a group supervisor or you would like to transfer this role to another user please contact our support team (

The Audit Trail shows the record of different actions that have been made from all users of a group on the samples analyzed. This log is only visible to the group supervisor. 

The group supervisor can retrieve specific actions recorded in the Audit Trail by using the filters which allow to filter by user, action type and date.


The Audit Trail shows the following action types performed by users of the same group:

  • Sign in / sign out: who has signed in and out and the IP address. 
  • View / access a URL: who has accessed to which analysis. 
  • Accepted analysis terms: users who have accepted the analysis terms before accessing the results. Note that the users need to accept the analysis terms the first time they access the results. This is not required for analyses for which they have already accepted the terms.
  • View analysis messages: sometimes there are messages associated with the analyses. This messages are related to the quality of the input samples and are aimed to warn users of potential quality issues that may require the user's attention. If a user checks this messages, this action is recorded in the Audit Trail.
  • Analysis launch: users who have launched an analysis. 
  • Variant classification: when users add, modify or remove manual variant classifications, this is also stored in the Audit Trail. 
  • Analysis filtering: users who have applied filters in analyses. 
  • Variant export: variants selected for export and which user has selected them.