What are the different ways to activate 2 Factor Authentication?

Login to VarSome Clinical with 2-Factor Authentication

Once someone from our account team confirms that your trial/subscription has been activated then it is possible to log in to VarSome Clinical. The activation of your VarSome Clinical could be either on the CH, EU or US server. 

You will only be able to log in to one of the servers:

As soon as you provide your username (email address) and password which you used to register to varsome.com to our SSO (Single sign-on) page,

the next step is to set up two-factor authentication, which is mandatory for new users, by providing a mobile phone number.

After clicking Submit, a text message with a code should have been sent to the provided mobile number. Once you receive the code this has to be given in the next step in order to complete the login. 

It is possible to enable 2 additional authentication methods, by using an application or saving backup codes. To enable the other methods there is a need to log in to sso.varsome.com, your VarSome account manager page. To land on the same page from inside VarSome Clinical, click on your name at the top right and then on Profile. This will redirect you to your VarSome account manager.

Once logged in to the VarSome account manager, on the top right of the page there is a shield icon. 

When clicking on it the user will be able to configure their privacy setting, such as changing passwords, enabling other authentication methods or seeing the API token.

After enabling the application method you can scan the QR from e.g. Google Authenticator
and verify it by providing the code displayed. 

The other method is to generate backup codes that will be shown once and can be copied and pasted to a secure place. Only 3 codes will be displayed and once you use those you can generate new ones.

The backup codes should be used as the last option in case the user loses their phone or does not have access to the authenticator App.