How can I access the premium resources offered by VarSome Premium?

VarSome Premium is a subscription service allowing you to access additional 3rd party annotation data resources and features without any delays. 

Currently available resources are listed here.

Once your subscription is completed, you will be able to locate all the premium resources in all VarSome entries that have corresponding information in the databases mentioned above.

Gene Resources

The gene-related resources shown at VarSome Premium correspond to the AACT, PharmGKB, DGI, and CPIC databases. For example, looking at the CFTR gene, which has available information from AACT, PharmGKB, DGI, and CPI, they can all be accessed through the settings and the Slidebar View at the right side of the gene page: 

Variant Resources

The variant-related resources correspond to the PharmGKB database and the CADD scores.

For example, looking at the variant BRAF:N581K, the CADD score will be located in the In-Silico Predictors section. 

The PharmGKB information of a variant, if available, can also be accessed from the overview menu at the right side of the page, as shown below for the variant BRAF:p.V600E:

The COSMIC database can be accessed at the COSMIC section (example: chr15-68208397-C-T

Please note that although the COSMIC resource is available under VarSome Premium, the user still needs to obtain a license from COSMIC, which is free of charge for academic use. Contact us for details.