3. What information can I find on my Saphetor invoice?

Saphetor invoices consist of 2 sections:

1. Summary (on the first page)

It shows the amounts invoiced, grouped by dates and categories, like

  • VarSome Clinical samples analyzed
  • VarSome Clinical storage and egress (for moving or transferring data) fees
  • VarSome Clinical Platform fees
  • VarSome Premium Subscription fees
  • VarSome API fees related to actual consumption
  • Monthly commitments


It also shows the VAT, if applicable, and the bank account to be used for your payment.


2. Itemized transactions (from the second page onwards)

You will find there all the itemized transactions behind the summary of the first page, like:

  • Each VarSome Clinical sample analyzed (with individual pricing linked to the size of the sample + the addition of a supplement in case this was a somatic sample, which triggered additional databases’ licensing costs)
  • Volume of data subject to storage fees (more details available in your storage report)
  • VarSome Clinical Platform fee for each individual user (with his name)
  • VarSome Premium license for each individual user (with his name)