2. Monthly commitment explained

When customers agree on a minimum monthly fee (monthly commitment), the general philosophy is that for the minimum monthly fee related to month M:

  • The minimum monthly fee is part of the invoice issued on the last day of the previous month (M-1) and due 30 days later, hence at the end of the month M to which it applies;
  • If the actual consumption of month M is above the minimum fees, the invoice of month M will show the total fees related to month M actual consumption minus the minimum fee that was already charged a month before, hence the net fees above the monthly minimum;
  • If the actual consumption of month M is below the minimum fees, the invoice of month M will not show any fees above the monthly minimum. Only the minimum fees already charged in month M-1 will apply.


See example below, based on

  • monthly minimum of 100
  • consumption of 150 in month M (above monthly minimum)
  • consumption of 80 in month M+1 (below monthly minimum)


Month of invoice

Services consumed in month M

Services consumed in month M+1

Services consumed in month M+2

Total amount invoiced

Invoice month M-1

100 monthly minimum month M




Invoice month M

+ 150 consumed in month M
-100 monthly minimum month M
= 50 (actual consumption in M above monthly minimum)

100 monthly minimum month M+1



Invoice month M+1


+ 80 consumed in M+1
-80 covered by monthly minimum month M +1
= 0

100 monthly minimum month M+2






350 for M to M+2