Dynamic filters

Clicking on the filter icon opens the Filters menu where filter sets can be managed. To exit this menu, simply press "Esc" on your keyboard.




A drop-down list will show a list of all saved filter sets. Selecting a filter set from that list will apply it to the variant table.


Each of the filters inside a filter set can be switched on and off by clicking on the green/red circles. Active filters have an associated green circle, and inactive filters have an associated red circle.

Variants passing the filter are shown in blue, and variants that fail the filter are shown in green and crossed out. In the example below, all filters are active except the Function filter.

Filters can be edited or removed:





Captura de pantalla 2018-12-13 a las 21.35.17

The order of the filters can be changed by moving the mouse on the top of the following button, then dragging the filter and dropping it at the desired position. In the example below, the Gene List filter has been moved to the top position:

Multiple users working on the same sample

If multiple users work on the same sample, each with own Filter Set, each user sees variants filtered by the filter set applied by that user, and not by the other one.