UMIs for Swift Biosciences

There are 2 approaches when it comes to analyzing Swift Biosciences sequencing data utilizing UMIs, depending on whether the assay is capture-based or amplicon-based.

Capture-based assays - TS Hyb

You need to upload 3 FASTQ files (pair-end + UMIs):

  1. files 1 and 3 as input FASTQ files (e.g. "foo_R1_001.fastq.gz" and "foo_R3_001.fastq.gz")
  2. file 2 as the UMI file (e.g. "foo_R2_001.fastq.gz")

Amplicon-based assays - HS

You need to upload 2 FASTQ files (pair-end) and simply launch the analysis as usual. In this case, UMI sequences are derived from the data automatically:

  • first 10nt from the read 2

In both cases, except for the initial correct setup of the assay, there is no need for any additional settings when launching the analysis.