Price for VCF sample explained

Although both VarSome Pro and VarSome Clinical charge per number of variants in the VCF file, there are some minor differences.

VarSome Pro

General considerations

Generally speaking, the price depends on two factors:

  • Number of variants in your VCF file
  • Delivery time
    • Immediate delivery
    • Delivery in 30 days - with a discount of up to 60% compared to immediate delivery, depending on the number of variants in your VCF file

Pricing calculator

If you are not yet a VarSome Pro user you can use online calculator to get the idea about prices for annotation of VCF files. The calculator is available for all visitors here:


Annotating a VCF file with VarSome Pro

First, as VarSome Pro is a pay-as-you-go service, you need to have a positive balance on your account. Follow the instructions on how to charge your VarSome Pro account with credit.

Second, before you launch an annotation of your VCF, you need to confirm the price calculated by VarSome Pro beforehand.

VarSome Clinical

In principle, prices for annotation of VCF files with VarSome Clinical follow the same pricing scheme as described above (i.e. per number of variants). However, as VarSome Clinical is a contract-based platform all prices are subject to a custom quote.