Is it possible to filter using OMIM terms?

OMIM has not given us permission to integrate their data in VarSome. The best way to filter for a disease is to use a list of genes known to be involved in that disease. You can also create a gene list using the HPO phenotypes.

You can also use MONDO, which is a semi-automatically constructed ontology that merges in multiple disease resources to yield a coherent merged ontology [1]. This excellent resource integrates a number of disease databases in a hierarchical graph and is itself well integrated with the Human Phenotype Oncology (which is also available on VarSome).

Alternatively, you may want to explore PanelApp. PanelApp is a publicly available knowledge base that allows virtual gene panels related to human disorders to be created, stored and queried. It includes a crowd sourcing tool that allows genes to be added or reviewed by experts throughout the worldwide scientific community, providing an opportunity for the standardization of gene panels, and a consensus on which genes have sufficient evidence for disease association [2]. The diagnostic grade ‘Green’ genes and their modes of inheritance in the PanelApp virtual gene panels are used to direct the variant tiring process for the interpretation of genomes in the 100,000 Genomes Project. PanelApp is available on the gene pages.