Why can't I access my results in VarSome Clinical?

There are two ways  to view your samples on VarSome Clinical: with a quick view in Dashboard page and in more detail in the Samples page. In Dashboard only a few of the latest analyses are visible with only the main grey box of each analysis being displayed.

Normally, when an analysis has no results to report, will be displayed in the sample's grey box and no active link will be visible to access the results.

If however an analysis doesn't report any information on the variants called (or not), it doesn't necessarily mean that it has no results to show.

As you move to the Samples page, you can see a different structure between analyses that are related to each other. As shown in the example below, we can see that the "Analysis filtered by RAS as of 07-Jan-2020" is a sub-analysis of the main analysis.

When a gene list analysis is launched in the first place, the parent analysis that is actually launched in the background, does not report any results, in order to avoid presenting any incidental findings. As a result, the parent analysis of any sub-analysis that is not initially launched, will show no results and only its offspring will.